Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Down and then back up...

So Richard failed the Navy Interview! There was a few little tears (from me) just a bit of a shock I think, but in actual fact we're doing good. We have worked towards this for almost a year now and in many ways everything has come crashing down, but we always said we wanted to stay in God's will and be where he wanted us to be doing the job he wanted us to do.

God has been faithful though everything that has happened and I truly believe that he has a plan for our lives and as we keep seeking him the path will be revealed!

I have to be honest I was very worried about Richard! I thought he would come home frustrated and angry and would be on a real downer. In stead he walked in with a huge smile on his face, with presents for myself and the girls and a plan to turn over a new leaf and sort some things out! I was completly blown away and so grateful. I had be praying that God would be close to him and guild him and that he would be able to put his trust in him and he has been faithful. Rich has come back so different.. The anger has gone and the worry has gone.

They have asked him to try again next year for the Navy again, so I think that is the plan so far, but getting a good job/ second choice career sorted too. Richard is planning to take some time to find who he is again and build himself up, after this depression. To work on his self esteem and start to believe the truth, that is a good guy, a great father and husband and that he is very loved. He has really taken some knocks and I think this could be really good for him. Hopefully we can get out lives back on track and next year we will be much stronger, more useful people.  I think there are some exciting times ahead. I choose to be hopeful and to get excited.

Watch this space...


  1. Well done honey. Sounds like its been worthwhile even if it has caused some tears. I have been through similar situations myself over the years (some more recently - can explain one day) and these things do change our perseptive and actually, they make us more determined to carry on down the right road.
    The lesson I learnt was that its on GOD's terms and not our own and that when the time is right, the outcome will be a million times better than we thought it could ever be :-)
    Hope that makes sense xx
    Lots of love xxxx

  2. Thanks! I think you are right and if we can learn from this experience and come out stronger then that will be amazing and I really believe we can! Hope things are going well in your life xx