Friday, 26 November 2010

One full day left, and Katie's real birthday!

Not a huge amount to report today. A lot less stress around today. I think Rich's pretty much finished the studying he has to do, just has a little bit left for tomorrow and then the packing and a good night sleep... hopefully!

Today was a bit different and I made myself get up before everyone else. It was something I tried out last week and last week was a pretty great week. I don't know quite what it is that is different in the day but it seems that if I get up out of bed and go down stairs, have a quiet de-caf coffee and a bit of quiet time, some how the day is never so bad. No sure if it's just getting a head start on the day, feeling a little more awake when the kids get up or the quiet time, but it makes a huge difference. Yes I am more tired, but some how the tiredness doesn't seem so bad and even though Katie has been crying a lot of the day (poor kid has huge back teeth coming) it has been a good day.

I feel for Katie I really do, it was her first birthday today! And she felt soooo poorly. I know she doesn't really know what is going on, but we didn't do much as we had already have her early birthday when rich's family where down, and although we made cakes with the plan of decorating them and having a little teddy bears picnic.... the car died and so we couldn't get out to buy the Icing sugar I had run out of so they were a bit boring and we thought it would get fixed sooner so we kept on waiting and then it was just to late.. so most of the cakes have made it into a tin and will be eaten tomorrow with lots of pink icing and sprinkles.

Well we have a busy busy day ahead tomorrow and it is getting a little late now so I will have to run, but the whole getting up early making the day better is an interesting idea which must be thought though and experimented with!

Dare 2 Dream


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