Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Good Bye Head ache - Welcome back PMT...

Oh yes the Head ache has gone.. Amazing no head pain all day! I'm so glad, it only took 4 days of serious pain and a slow cut down of the caffeine and now we're ALL good, Just in time for PMT.  Is there no justice in this world lol

As you can imagine life has been a bit grrrr today. Not really bad and not great just... well I guess Blaa really sums it all up. Katie has been teething and Charlotte has been shockingly naughty (no idea why, I'm thinking maybe a little bored, but who knows) and I've had a bad tummy and back, but there has been no tears.. So that is something, unlike yesterday when I was in floods over some silly cheese advert that Rich showed me.. It wasn't even a sad advert it just set me off and with the head pain and the PMT I guess it just all came out. Thankfully both the girls were in bed and didn't see it and I was able to go pretty much straight off to bed. But no tears today!


Short break there because Richard just came back with ICE CREAM! He said he had to pop out for a few mins and I thought he wanted to go and get some air and a bit of quiet because the girls had be extra loud at tea and bath time, but instead he went to the shop and brought me some Ice Cream and Chocolate to sooth my PMT! What a nice man! A very nice end to a fairly pants day, and even though Katie woke up and cried for a looooong time it just didn't seem as bad with a tummy full of ice cream and choc.

Thank you Richie!

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