Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Third day Lucky!

Today has been a lovely day. We slept really well after Katie went back to sleep, and Charlotte didn't wake up in the morning till 7 so that was FAB!!!

Charlotte went to pre-school this morning, it's only her third day there and she really loves it! She cried so much when she had to go home.. lol I hope it's just that she was having fun, and not that she hates me. lols (I do know she doesn't hate me really) It was really great to see that she loved it so much. The first day she was fine when I left her, but really upset by the time I came to pick her up. However after we had been at home for an hour she wanted to go back, second day she was a bit more worried when I left her, but really happy when I can to pick her up and wanted to show me all the things she had been playing with. and today she was happy when I left her, and okay during the morning and only upset when the staff told her to say good bye to her friends! I feel much better now I know she likes it! Rather than just hoping she does.

Had to take Katie to the Doctors because she came out in spots all over her tummy and back, I thought it might have been Chicken Pox as one of her little friends has it, but I am informed that it is just a viral rash and nothing to be worried about. She's a bit grumpy as she is teething as well, but still smiley and very cuddly so can't complain. She really is a wonderful girl. Only two more days till her first birthday so that is exciting! I am so glad that God has given me two wonderful little gifts to take care of and I can only hope that I will do a good enough job.

The rest of the day was pretty good, and we all had a little movie evening, which was really good fun. We started watching Toy Story 3, but didn't get too far before little people were very sleepy and need their beds.

Poor Rich has been feeling pretty unwell the last few days. I think it's probably just stress and have sent him up for a hot bubble bath and bed. I hope he feels better in the morning. He is doing so well with his studying and working hard at it. I know he is worried because he wants to do a good job of this interview so he can take care of us. I hope he knows we love him no matter what and that we will support him no matter what. If you read this Rich then you have to know how much I love you and that I think you are a wonderful man, sorry for being grumpy sometimes. Thank you for putting up with me... lol I hope you feel better tomorrow and can kick butt with those jobs you have.

Well my back hurts from cuddling my lovely kids, my fingers are sore from cutting my lovely husband's hair before his interview, my feet hurt from running around all taking care of my beautiful family and home, but they are good aches. Aches that remind me how lucky I am to have a family who love me and who like to spend time with me. Who cares if they make a bit of mess I wouldn't swap them for the world!

So it's off to bed for me. I hope you sleep well and have a good day tomorrow... Lets just take one day at a time, and see where we get to. xx

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