Monday, 29 November 2010

It's a Wonderful Life..

Had the most wonderful day today! Charlotte woke up at some crazy hour, but she sneaked into my bed with her freezing cold toes and we talked about all kinds of things and had a little cuddle, then decided to get up and turn the heating on as it was only 11 degrees in my room!!!

We got loads of house work done this morning and Katie was feeling loads better. The girls were as good as gold and then after lunch we wrapped up really warm and went for a bus ride into town. Where we got some wool to make decorations for Christmas, and some cat food.. exciting times... but we did find some maryland cookies on by one get on free so that was great! We went to the park and have a freezing, and beautiful time. It really was the most beautiful day here on portland. Even the bus drivers were nice and the other passengers helped me with my pushchair so it was lovely!

Then we had my friend Tegan over for tea and she brought her Niece and Nephew over to play with Charlotte and my other friend Roz turned up so we had a jolly tea party! They even tidied up before they went home! Charlotte was very very tired and a little bit of a monkey to put to bed, but only because she got herself sooo excited playing with Katie that she couldn't settle. But once in bed she was a good girl and slept well.

Rich had  a good day, he sounded possitive, hopeful and very happy. Not worried at all. He didn't sleep well last night as the bed was lumpy... but he said he still though he did a good job. We shall just have to wait and see.

Then I had a wonderful evening talking, laughing (a lot) and praying with Roz (who has only just left t go home and it's LATE) but we had a super time! I feel really blessed to have such good friends!

I am really nervous about the weekend! At the weekend I have to baby sit all my brothers and sisters (apart from one) and although I know they will be great and we'll have a good time I still feel a bit nervous... But they are good kids and I wot be alone.. so I will just hang on for the ride and we WILL have fun.. You hear.... hee hee..

Anyways it is LATE... and I've finished my Chocolate Ration (I think I should have a serious think about how much chocolate I am eating these days...) so I'm off to bed. Good night who ever you are reading my blog. I hope you sleep well and/or have a super day tomorrow. Even joy the snow if you have some. It wont last long!


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