Saturday, 27 November 2010

One More Sleep...

One more sleep till the Big interview! Well at least until Richard leaves for the big interview. I'm really excited and also a little scared.. I'm not really sure why I am scared because I know he will pass if it is the right thing for us, but it's kinda a weird feeling I guess.

I had a little panic this morning because I suddenly realised that Richard had a LOT of work left to do today and I had not planned anything for us girls to do! But it didn't last too long as my lovely friend Ellie Kindly said she would come with my to the Fun Factory with the girls in the afternoon and the morning was mostly taken up decorating the cakes from yesterday and cleaning a cupboard. Both Girls went to bed really well tonight and although the pub is playing karaoke very loudly just a few houses down they seem to be staying asleep.

Richard has learnt all he needs to learn... we hope and we've iron, ironed again, folded and packed everything, we've polished those shoes, thought about the answers he might have to give during the main interview and even tied the ties, just in case he has a mad moment and forgets what he is doing!!! All that remains is to brush teeth, spend some time talking and praying and GO TO SLEEP!!!

Love you Richard. You are already my Hero! Go get them!

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