Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Yes I'm still here and still alive ;-)

Hey there,

Yes I am still here and still alive lol. I know it has been ages since I posted last, but I am still here. I have had Richard's family staying with us, which has been super... all apart from the day when his dad had a little accident and ended up in hospital for a day. Bless him. They ended up staying here with us for two more days, but I am please to say that he is doing just fine and they were two really great days!

Lots has happened since I last wrote and I will try to fill in with the most important parts over the next few days and leave the boring bits out.

Firstly I would like to share that the sleep challenge has been harder than I thought.... with people staying and the kids not getting to bed till late it has been trickyer than first thought, although I have been getting a lot more sleep over all and am more aware that staying up late is bad... and yes there has been a marked improvement in my moods and grumps...

Rich is doing great. He has just under two weeks before his last interview for the navy.. scary stuff and very stressful, but we seem to be managing to stay friends though it so far... There were a few days when I thought I would be helping him to keep checking up and nagging him with his studies, but I soon realised that I was not helping matters at all and was just reflecting my own nerves and worries onto him... So I have made up my mind to give the poor guys some space to study in peace and to just get on with the things I am responsible for...

I would like to say a public sorry to My lovely husband for being such a pain the in bum and I hope I can still support you with out being a nagging wife. I love you very much and I know you are going to do AMAZINGLY WELL.. you are my hero....

So wow loads has happened but I'm going to sign off now, while I run up stairs and grab my diary so I can find the most importnat parts to share with you all.

Love you xx

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