Sunday, 28 November 2010

He's Gone..

So Richard has gone off for his interview. He was really lucky and had  a good drive there. For anyone who is reading this a long while after it is written it is snowing al over the country at the moment and so he's really bless to have got there okay!

He has arrived and meet the rest of his 4 person team, they will be doing all the team tasks together, and it turns out that he already knows 2 of them and he gets on really well with them. If they all pass then he they will mostly likely all be training together and two of them are going for pilot and the other one for observer like Rich. So that is all very exciting! He sounds really happy and very carm on the phone. I am so please I was a little worried about him.

I AM NO LONGER SACRED ABOUT THE INTERVEIW! I have decided to leave it all in Gods hands, worrying about it wont help and I can't do anything from here anyways so I'm just Gonna leave it up to him. He knows best after all and we don't want to step out side of his plans for us, so no point in worrying! Okay so I might end up eating my words in e few days, but for now I am a tiny bit please with the fact that I cam let go. I never would have been able to do that a few weeks or even days ago!

Charlotte is missing her daddy and proudly announced to me (while sitting on the toilet) that she is going to be a helicopter Pilot and Daddy can sit next to her while she flys and mummy and Boo Boo (that is what she calles Katie) can sit in the back of her bright Pick Helicopter. I'm so excited my little baby has just had her when I grow up I'm gonna be... moment. She's not a baby any more!

Well the washing up needs doing and for anyone who knows me that is a very regular comment for me at this time of night, then a hot bath, with a good book and BED...

Oh yeah. Have a nice night ya'll, sleep well and we'll see how tomorrow goes.

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