Friday, 1 April 2011

3 Months and I'm Back....

It's been 3 months! Shocking I know. I was about to apologizes, but then I thought about why it's been so long and I realized it is actually nothing to be sorry about...

I had just got my husband back after a long and painful bout of depression. I well to be honest I have just been enjoying getting to know him again! I didn't realize just how much of Rich's life the depression had been controlling. It's crazy how he suddenly get better so fast, but I'm certainly not complaining.

I can now remember why I married him. He is such a lovely man! So funny and thoughtful and my best friend!

It has been 3 months, but it has been well spend I have been getting to know my husband again and dealing with the after math of such a long time just surviving!

There's a lot to talk about and I think I've changed a lot! My kids certainly have! Charlotte will be starting pre-school properly after easter and Katie is walking and talking already! I have started to get help for the baggage I was carrying around and am being set free from loads of rubbish. I am feeling more happy and Alive than I have ever done! and I guess that was the result I was hoping for!

I have Gone from Surviving to feeling alive... I know there is a lot more to being ALIVE and I am excited to find out!

A lot has happened and I need to get some of it written down! But for now the facts are that you can go from Surviving to feeling ALIVE! Life can and will be amazing! I am so excited about the future and so full of hope! You can be too!!!! Stay tuned, life is a white knucked ride from here in and the best is yet to come!!!