Monday, 22 November 2010

Going Cold Turkey.... not good...

Day one of the two week no coffee challenge... not good..


I just don't get it.. lol I didnt even drink that much maybe 3 or 4 per day and I have cut it down over the last 3 days... but oh my gosh my head is so bad. I have drunk so much water, juice, mint tea, and even de-caf coffee (to try and trick my head into thinking I had caffeine) but oh no.. the pain is getting worse.... Even Ibuprofen is not helping.... so off to bed I go

Poor Rich has a bad head too and is trying to study, but it's better he has the bad head now and then gets past it, than to be told not to have coffee at his 4 day interview and have a banging head ache which trying to write an essay or something....

Well It's been an odd day, we've both been grumpy because of the bad heads, Katie our youngest is teething, and Charlotte has been such a monkey.. Ah well best to get the hard days over with all at once. Both my lovely girls are asleep, Rich is going for a bath, after trying on his new shirts and suit (he looks so nice, Mr Richie Railton you are a stunner) And I'm going straight to sleep...

Please God may my head not hurt tomorrow.

Good Night all xxx

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