Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A birthday, A New Year and a transformed mind...

My birthday, my New Year and my transformed mind... 

My Birthday was an amazing day! Richard made it so special and treated me like a princess and made my fav dinner after the girls were in bed! I was also so blessed by how many people wished me a happy birthday. I had over 80 birthday messages! It was crazy and amazing to see how many people love me so much!

The next day Richard's family came to stay for a week. It was an great time really. Richard wasn't very well, which was rubbish for him, but I had rich's parents with me so they helped me with the girls so that was okay, and poor Rich's dad had a little accident in the middle of the week, he had to go to hospital but is fine now! We also had Katie (early) 1st birthday party while they were down here as they wouldn't be here for the real day, so that was really great!

On the Saturday Richard and I went to Holy Spirit day which was really tiring but also great! I'll probably tell people more about that later.

Once I had started getting more sleep I could start trying to look my life from an out side point of view and I am now trying to see what I can work on, what will change with time, and some things I may have to accept.

A birthday means a start to a new year, New years day in my own life. I think maybe it would be a good idea to think about some sensible and mangable New Years Resolutions or Promises that I can work on over the coming year. I am 24, It is a fresh year,  with less mistakes in it (so far,) I wonder what the future will hold?

I know things are very unlikely to change over night and everyone goes through tough times, but I hope this time around I can build on a stronger foundation and be a stable and stronger person, so that when those tough times hit I would come tumbling down again.

So I guess it is now time, to take some time, to look at my life and climb slowly but surely out of this hole...

Becky xx

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