Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Challenge 2: No more moaning... (well I can try)

Challenge 2 is to be more positive about life. Life is not easy and if we think it is then we're kidding ourselves. But these hard time can help us to enjoy the good bits even more!

I think we can choose which parts of life we want to focus on, think about and talk about. We can either focus and think about the bad stuff or choose to learn from it and move on to the good.

I once heard that you can never fail, we only learn and grow and that is the idea I want to take with me though out this blog. I am however only human and so I'm sure to make a few mistakes here and there and have a wee little moan.

I will do my bestest try to keep to the useful things I discover and talk about these and not making this into a blog just to bitch about life.

Crazy amount of stuff have happen this week, really important things, huge changes which I need to talk about. However,  it is oh so late already and am trying to get more sleep, so I will say Good Night for now and I will get my butt back on here tomorrow (if I can) and share some of this weekend and what has happened.

Good Night Ya'll

Becky xx

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