Thursday, 2 December 2010

two for the price of one... (mixed feelings, and lots of snow!!!)

I'll have to do a run down of the last two days today as its been a bit hectic and Ive not managed to get on here!

Wednesday (the day after Richard's results)
This was an interesting day. We choose to have a family day because Rich had been away and it would give us a chance to absorb his results! Richard took Charlotte out to the park in the morning which gave me a chance to have a bath all by myself! It was amazing! Thank you Richard!

And then in the afternoon we took the girls out to look at the Christmas lights in our local big shop (which sells everything) Value House! We had a lovely time and even managed to get a few Christmas presents! I have to admit that Christmas has not been at the front of our minds yet! (I wonder why!) So in was a pretty good day, it was also a bit of an odd day trying to process Richards results and how that will effect our lives!

Like I said before Rich came back a differnet person and it seems to have been able to use this apparent failure to be the kick up the bum he needs to really get back up again, rahter then a kick in the face which will get him down. He is doing amazingly well and I would love to thank everyone who has been praying for him, God is really hearing your prayers!

He has come back full of ideas for the future, things he wants to do right now and plans for the future. He does however also want to "Find himself" and wants to spend some time alone (with God I hope) and find out what he really wants from life and make his own plans. It sounds really good in theory, but I am really having to fight feelings of rejection about this. I really want to be involved and I always thought that being married was about making choices together, but I do want Richard to be happy above everything else and if this is what he needs then I will have to learn how to be content and how to support him the very best I can, without being a grump and feeling left out! I think I'm gonna really need Gods help on this one, but I know he/we can do it together!


Thursday was a brilliant day! So much fun! We woke up to lots of snow, which is fab because it doesn't normally snow on Portland! We called Mum n Dad on the farm and found that they were a little snowed in! We were going over there anyways because they were planning on going up north to visit my brother, so we were all packed and ready to go. My brothers graduation was cancelled because of the snow and my family were snowed in and running out of normally food, so we decided to drive over anyway and try and get as far as we could and then walk the rest of the way!

Needless to say we did get stuck half way there and my brother and sister walked up to help us carry our stuff the last half mile! So now we are snowed in too.. but by choice...

We headed back out almost as soon as we arrived, to try and turn our car back around and get into town to buy food, saw blades and a broom for sweeping the 3/4 mile ish drive way! WE got all the goodies and parked at a farm down at the bottom, near the main road and then loaded up our back packs and my brother Joel, Rich and I started the mile or so walk back to Mum n Dad's farm! Dad and Kirsty, one of my other sisters, meet us half way back and helped carry the large amounts of bread we were carrying in our hands and we all headed back! It was dark by now and starting to get icy, but the middle of the road was pretty much just fresh fluffy snow so we were pretty safe when we stayed in the middle. WE got home and Mum had made Hot Jacket Potatoes and Chilli (which was amazing!)

I know it kinda sounds like a nightmare but it was one of the most fantastic days ever! It feels very Little house in the prairie! Having go walk out in the snow to get food, cutting fire wood and eating great food together as a family. I love being snowed in with my family! But I do also like knowing my car is safe and when we get bored we can go home! I hope it doesn't last too long because I know it will be tough on my family being stuck here, but I am glad we are stuck ish together!

I love you guys and am looking forward to another day with you all!!!

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