Monday, 13 December 2010

The Moment of truth... Starting weight!!!

Okay so as promised the big beginning weigh in... grrr remind me why I am doing this...

On the 13th December 2010 I weighed in at 73kg.... which for the old school peeps is about 11 n half stone!!!! Yeah so I'm thinking now might be the time to do something about it...

I have put on 10kg while having my two lovely girls and while I wouldn't trade them for the flattest tummy in the world I would like to work on this area of my life. I have also gotten rather lazy in the exercise department and I could make all the excuses in the worlds about having young kids and not having time, but the real truth is that I'm a bit lazy! However this is something I would like to change and so starting now (which is odd for me because I normally like to plan things for ages!!!) I want to work on my self control and not being lazy!

There is a small bit of good news and which is that even though the depression, the counts bars of chocolate and other comfort food which I have sort refuge in, and despite being a really lazy bum... I have not actually put on any weight all year! Last Jan I weighed 73kg, same as now...

Therefore I have come to believe that is I start to make small, sustainable changes, to my eating habits, my munchie habits, my lack of exercise habits and change where I seek comfort in tough times.. Then amazing and long lasting changes will be made possible!

Ideally I want to be back to my pre baby weight and shape, which means losing 10kgs, creating good habits and exercising regularly to rebuild strength and tone... Possibly even working hard enough to be back to my best weight ever (in my adult life lol) at 9 n half stone.. but that is a big challenge!

However baby steps are how this is going to work and so even though it is the Christmas period... I want to have lost 2kgs in the next 3 weeks.

So here is my promise to myself.

I will have lost 2kgs by the 3rd of Jan 2011, and I will do this by starting to exercise 3 times a week, by having smaller portions at meal times and less chocolate (can't cut it out completely, it is Christmas after all!)

Lets see how it goes... Watch this space....

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