Sunday, 12 December 2010

Picking up the pieces after the dust has settled...

The dust is starting to settle after a crazy roller coaster ride over the last few months maybe even the last two years. Life has been a complete whirlwind and I have been very guilty of sticking my head in the sand and hoping problems will just go away! The funny thing is that when you stick your head in the sand and hide from problems they generally come back to bite you in the butt...

I have had a busy weekend with my brother staying, we have painted the front room, done most of the christmas shopping, helped out at a drop in centre, done some community work, spent time with my family and been to church! But now that it is pretty much over and the boys are heading out tomorrow for a 30 mile walk! I think now would be a good time to started to pick up the pieces and take stock of my life.

The first thing I want to do to help me take stock of my life and where I am is to compleat a Life Balance Check list. This will just help me to take an outside look at 5 of the 6 main areas of life Mind, Body, Family, Society and Finances... (it doesn't include spirituality for  some reason) and see where I am. The last time I did this the results where very depressing, but it did give me a kick up the bum... So I hope things have changed!

The results will be here in just a few minuets so we shall see...


The balance check list comprises of a series 10 true or false questions for each of the 5 areas of life. Once you have answered the questions you give yourself a score out of ten for each area. Once this is complete you then check two things: (1) how are you doing in each areas separately and (2) how does each area compare to another... in other words is your life in balance?

The results are in... lets take a little look.

I will start with the lowest score and work up...

Finances 1 out of 10 (oh dear.. some work needed in this area, me thinks...)

Family     3 out of 10 (Yicks... looks like the depression and the "just surviving" has taken rather a large toll on my family life!)

Body       4 out of 10 (ever so slightly better, but also looks like the depression and comfort eating has taken it's toll on my health and body too)

Mind      7 out of 10!!! (Up by 4 points since the last time I did this test! Huge improvements and a real encouragment that Life is on the mend and things can get better!!)

Society  10 out of 10! (Again up but only by 1 point.. but 10 out of 10... not bad. I'm not sure how good this test is because I not the most useful person to society by a long stretch, but maybe I'm not as useless as I once thought!)

So this is what my life looks like right now. Some areas need a lot of work, and it is very out of balance, but maybe not as bad as I thought and it looks like if we take baby steps we might be able to see some improvements!

Now it is time to start picking a few little areas that I want to work on right now to start feeling more Alive. I think I will call it a night and spend some time having a good look over my results and see where to start and then let you know how I am getting on.

One thing I know I want to work on right away is my weight and so in an attempt to be brave and to keep myself accountable tomorrow I will have "The Big Weigh In" and set myself an achievable goal...

Scary and yet exciting stuff!

Dare 2 Dream Everyone!

Night xxx

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