Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Who are we and what is this Blog about?

Hi there everyone, anyone or even no one... (this Blog is as much for me as I write things down and try to learn as anything else)

Let me give you some back ground info and then introduce you to the challenge...

I'm Becky I am 23 (24 next week) I have been married to Rich for 4 years and we have two beautiful little girls (aged 2years and 10months) and two mischievous cats!  At the time of writing this we live by the sea in West Dorset, normally it is very pretty and the weather is great, but right now it is pouring with rain!!!

We had our own business which has kinda died and has left us in debt and feeling like failures... It has been a  really tough few years, we have both suffered with depression among other things and really feel like we only just surviving!!!

A week ago we decided that there must be more than this... Than feeling crap, being afraid to go to bed at night because you can't face tomorrow, to feeling sick and unwell every day and fighting with each other all the time. Surely life is meant for living! Is it possible to feel ALive rather than like we are about to sink any minuet?

Right now this is just a theory, a pretty scary and maybe exciting theory, but still a theory. The plan is to test this idea and see if life can be fun and if it is possible to go from just surviving to Felling Alive...

This is our challege and my Blog will be a kind of diary to write in and share our ups and downs.

This is my Life Biography, as it is still being written. I hope you enjoy it, that we can all learn new things, and that one day we can all feel ALive...

Dare 2 Dream!

Becky xxx


  1. Yay! I'm your first follower! This sounds like more than theory to me, Becky - you just haven't worked it all out yet, which is fine. I think, on the whole, how we deal with life is a matter of attitude. I was just watching a programme (Undercover Boss USA) which showed some people working at not-great jobs, some with significant health issues, all under pressure. But they chose to respond positively to life. You can do this too...!

  2. I really look forward to reading your posts Becky :-)

  3. Thank you for your comments. This could be interesting... I think you are right Steve, Life is about Choices, some are harder to make than others, but the results we get are mostly because of the choices we make... Sounds good in theory, but that practice will be interesting...